Eva Dimitrova

My specialty is in taking digital products and services from 0 to 1. Whether it’s to position them in a competitive market, to help build them or to create and execute a go-to-market strategy.

I’ve worked with Vodafone, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM on launching more than 30 international software projects. I’ve also been involved in multiple startups, including as a founder.

Those experiences combined with my love for learning and overcoming challenges is what feeds my creativity for solutions and innovations. Are you looking for one?

We have a saying in Bulgaria...

We have a saying in Bulgaria...

There is a popular saying by Goethe that goes like this: “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

But the Bulgarian version is a bit different: “It’s one thing to know, another - to be capable of, but third and fourth to actually do it.“

That can be translated as: Knowing and being capable of doing something, together, weights as much as doing it.

Or, doing something is twice as difficult and twice more important than the other two.

Or, 1+1=3.

Or, you are only halfway through with knowing what and how.

I can go on all day writing about what and how and you can go on all day reading about them.

But it’s the doing that we should be focusing on.

Because that tips the scales.

Now let’s see some action!

SWOT analysis - common pitfalls

SWOT analysis - common pitfalls

The types of product managers

The types of product managers