Eva Dimitrova

My specialty is in taking digital products and services from 0 to 1. Whether it’s to position them in a competitive market, to help build them or to create and execute a go-to-market strategy.

I’ve worked with Vodafone, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM on launching more than 30 international software projects. I’ve also been involved in multiple startups, including as a founder.

Those experiences combined with my love for learning and overcoming challenges is what feeds my creativity for solutions and innovations. Are you looking for one?

The types of product managers

The types of product managers

My bookmarks are literally exploding with useful pieces I read on the internet about product management. But when it comes to outlining the types of product managers by skillset, this is one of the best summaries I found, from Wyatt Jenkins:

The white spacer – New business (AKA, the disruptor). Lots of ideas, antifragile, no rules. 0-1 thinking.

The optimizer – Product Optimization for mature products past the product market fit stage.

The enterpriser – One product has a few large customers (maybe 100s). Understanding of sales and distribution channels. Different methods for user testing.

Infrastructurista – Internal customers, systems thinking, Simplicity,

Device builder – Consumer electronics, Process / Timelines

Growth hacker – Not necessarily the white space, the early grower.

UX’r – User Experience first, customer centric, excels at building a narrative around customer journey.

GM – Business background, deep understanding of positioning, pricing and P&L. Usually owns a significant product surface area.

Like any other generalisation, the goal is not to put you in a box, but to highlight that there are different boxes in the first place.

  • Which boxes do you tick? Why?

  • What skillset does those boxes require?

  • What are you already good at and what should you further work on?

Building great products require you to first build up yourself. Knowing what to work on requires you to first know what you already have.

It’s very simple - define it and it is half solved.

We have a saying in Bulgaria...

We have a saying in Bulgaria...

Running out of ideas? Try Elon Musk's goofy approach

Running out of ideas? Try Elon Musk's goofy approach