Eva Dimitrova

My specialty is in taking digital products and services from 0 to 1. Whether it’s to position them in a competitive market, to help build them or to create and execute a go-to-market strategy.

I’ve worked with Vodafone, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM on launching more than 30 international software projects. I’ve also been involved in multiple startups, including as a founder.

Those experiences combined with my love for learning and overcoming challenges is what feeds my creativity for solutions and innovations. Are you looking for one?

Getting buy-in from management

Getting buy-in from management

You’ve got a great idea.

A brand new product or a feature that will help your company get ahead of the competition. Or a process improvement that will save a lot of time and open up space to take on new opportunities.

Either way, you are excited and clearly see the benefit of implementing it.

However when you share it with your colleagues and your managers, they don’t jump on board or commit their time to it.

Sounds familiar?

Gaining stakeholder engagement is one of the most important tasks in the early stages of a project. It’s also the most overlooked one.

We all think getting the right idea is all that matters, but that is rarely the case. Most of the time it’s the people factor that determines success.

So why is your management not buying-in?

Well, they either (1) don’t see the value which you do, or (2) don’t put the same weight on that value.

Maybe they have other priorities, maybe you are looking at the same picture through different lenses, maybe they are not as informed as you or maybe they think it will be more work for them.

In any case, the only way to gain their buy-in is to understand their situation and to try to see in what specific ways will this new project benefit them. Specific being the key:

  • Will it help their project? How exactly?

  • Will it help their career or their clients?

  • Will it help their managers or their department?

  • What is required from them and is it worth the effort?

If you don’t know - ask them:

  • How is your project going?

  • How is your career going?

  • Are your clients happy?

  • Are your managers happy?

And then figure out how your idea is going to improve their situation.

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